Yes, Our new vintage collection is out now!

New vintage collection at SoLovesVintage

According to fashion's calendar we're even too late to launch our new vintage collection! Usually new pieces drop in retail shops beginning  in February after the end of January sales. But when you're a small business, you have the luxury to set a different date due to the unforeseen weather conditions at this time of year.But  most of the times, you don't have the budget to shoot the new collection. Simples!

Though, when you find the budget the organizing hell is starting. To find suitable models, as you have a theme to go for - the vintage clothes, color, style and look - determine the theme. Finally, a make up artist, hair stylist and photographer. I really love the process and enjoy the struggle but it's a hard job, especially when you arrange everything yourself. Not glamorous at all vintage lovers!

New vintage collection in SoLovesVintage

However, this spring collection is super fabulous and full of pastel colors, which I love. Lots of pink and blue hues plus chic 60's florals, ladylike bright pinks and many 50's retro dresses. It's a heaven made by vintage dresses. Honestly, you have so many choices you wouldn't know what to pick. Most of the new pieces are also medium size and our model is also medium and quite tall. So, when you're browsing, make sure to check her measurements. We do not pin the vintage clothes from the back. So what you see is her real measurements. 

This retro collection is perfect for all of you who are looking for a special elegant dress to attend a wedding, christening or any summer party you have plans to go to this summer. All of these fashion forward pieces, made by exquisite fabrics and flattering cuts, are unique and nobody else would wear the same outfit as you. Tap into the retro mood with an original vintage piece instead of vintage inspired dress. You will buy it once and you will wear it in many years to come. 

Let me know what you think of our new vintage collection. Yes or No? be continued...

Sofia x


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