6 Amazing Vintage Pieces For The Best Street Style Outfit Ideas You Should buy

6 amazing vintage pieces for street style outfits you should buy now

Ok, vintage lovers, it's the end of January and spring will sprung soon. So let's exercise our positive vibes, lots of them please and talk street style outfits. Well, fashion weeks are on the way, so if you're attending or you love perusing the street style fashion squad parading their fabulastic street style looks, this post is for y'all. Because today I'm going to show you how to draw attention to you (if you're an attendee fashion blogger) or generally you like statement looks with our 6 amazing vintage pieces.

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You might think '' Draw attention to me it's not like me'' so lets clarify what I mean. Draw attention to me means that I'm dressed stylishly hence photographers like my street style outfit and photograph me. 'Draw attention' does not mean ''mutton dressed as lamb version". First vintage clothing are retro trousers. Lovely color, deep green (perfect for #greenaesthetic pinterest pins) in wool because it is still cold and with the right flare. It's a retro piece full of hippie chic and ultra chic. Pair it with other bolder colors to create a contrast or even better mix it with a different green hue to create a more subtle look.

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For neutral type of vintage lovers I introduce you to this romantic and chic silk vintage top. Embroidered with delicate flowers, this super sophisticated top vintage will help you to create instant street style outfits. Like a blank canvas but with sophisticated twist it's a timeless vintage piece.

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Next is this striking red vintage jacket with detailed pockets and full of character. The bright red will inject color into every outfit and will create strong yet luxurious color combinations. Just remember vibrant colors write perfectly in camera. Again you will wear this constantly every season and from day to night.

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Following up is this effortless vintage suede dress by Mollie Parnis. Perfect for a polished look, this tan wrap dress is a statement and forever vintage clothing essential.

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If you love vintage skirts, then Olympia pleat skirt in pink is the perfect choice for you. Eternally chic that exudes retro preppy vibes and an easy vintage piece to pair it with your existing wardrobe garments for work.

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We finish off with Eva striped jacket, a timeless fashion favorite. A versatile jacket for contemporary minimal looks with a retro aesthetic. Cinch in your silhouette to enhance your curves.

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For all the street style fashion bloggers, these are our 6 amazing vintage pieces you should buy to create unforgettable and stunning photograph-able outfits so you will definitely leave your mark in fashion weeks.


....to be continued...

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