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Desirable Vintage Pieces to transform your everyday look

Desirable vintage to wear all summer long! Read on SoLovesVintage

It's officially summer and today we're going to show you the most desirable vintage pieces to transform your everyday wardrobe. Pieces you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe to inject a retro aesthetic. Plus these retro and vintage...

Ultimate guide: Vintage Essentials

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy - Read our blog post

New to vintage online shopping? Here's the ultimate guide to buy the most coveted vintage essentials that will help you build a unique and eclectic wardrobe. Plus it will give you extra points as you're helping the environment and lessening clothes waste. Finally you will definitely pay less for undoubtedly better quality pieces.


6 Amazing Vintage Pieces For The Best Street Style Outfit Ideas You Should buy

6 amazing vintage pieces for street style outfits you should buy now

Ok, vintage lovers, it's the end of January and spring will sprung soon. So let's exercise our positive vibes, lots of them please and talk street style outfits. Well, fashion weeks are on the way, so if you're attending or you love perusing the street style fashion squad parading their fabulastic street style looks, this...

6 Vintage Dresses Under £100 You Should Buy On Our Sale!

Shop our fabulous vintage sale online - SoLovesVintage

'Tis the season to be merry, give the perfect presents and shop cleverly our vintage sale! For some ''shop cleverly means spend less'' but for us ''cleverly'' means shop eclectic vintage pieces to wear not only this year but for many years to come and in many different occasions. This...

What to wear in a winter wedding

What to wear in a winter wedding

Checking your calendar and realizing you've a winter wedding to attend? Overwhelmed with panic as the hunt for the best wedding guest outfit is not as easy as a summer wedding guest dress. Well winter weddings are a fact and it's time to tackle the issue of looking gorgeous (but not as gorgeous as the bride) and be simultaneously warm and...