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Hello vintage lovers. Today we'll discover the timeless appeal of a vintage cardigan. Why vintage? You might ask. Well, first of all, it gives a retro aesthetic into your modern outfit and jazz it up. Secondly, its practicality knocks the door  keeping you warm without adding a massive layer on top. Maybe in the past cardigans were synonymous to preppy style and being twee but today they are a great alternative to thick jumpers, pretty easy on layering plus it's a fashion staple that can be worn fall, winter and spring. So you shop once and you wear it in 3 seasons. Pretty cool I'd say! 

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As in every garment, vintage cardigans come in different styles, colors and fabrics. So, it purely depends on what you're looking to get from a vintage outfit  with a cardigan. I will break down the stylish ways to wear a retro cardigan and how to mix it with your existing pieces. First retro look is with our fitted vintage 50's beaded cardigan in pale pink color. Chic and stylish, this 1950's  vintage cardigan will add a feminine touch into your look. I'd wear it with a baggy stripped shirt to balance the fit proportion and a jean. However, if you're a vintage lover pair it with your favorite vintage dress to show off the striking beading or wear it alone as a blouse.

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Next is our cherry wool cardigan in light brown, a great neutral wardrobe staple that can be styled with so many different colors and, of course, the cherry shaped design adds a retro style into your everyday look. In looser style and lined in case you get itchy with real wool. I  would tuck it in and wear it as a blouse or I could mix it with a delicate satin top. Plus, when the weather is playing hot/cold days games, you can mix it with a denim jacket to keep you warm. 

How to wear a retro cardigan by vintage blogger Romantic vintage outfit - SoLovesVintage

Wearing a vintage cardigan is not only a fashion statement but also a classic piece so versatile and understated as you'll discover by looking at Laura's photos below. Laura is a vintage blogger from Canada with a penchant for floral patterns and here she's wearing one of our black beaded 40's cardigan. She adores vintage clothes and for retro inspiration I'd urge you to go and follow her on instagram. 

For more retro cardigans click here but also let us know in the comments if you wear a lot of cardigans in winter. Also happy holidays, vintage lovers! be continued...

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