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Years ago women's vintage clothing was a totally  niche market with die hard vintage lovers (full on 50's make up, impeccable retro style and fashion knowledge) and the rest of us thrift seekers looking to find one-of-a kind vintage pieces to satisfy our ego stylistic individuality (no one else can wear the same piece as you!). Admittedly, my obsession for vintage clothing developed in my teenage years due to my pure desire, amongst others, (read why to wear vintage clothing here) to wear something unique. 


These days, though, vintage dressing's surpassed all expectations and it became a mainstream trend. Maybe because social media and many huge vintage influencers (below favorite fashion bloggers who wear vintage all the time Alice and Jane) have started talking about vintage, sustainability and are showing their followers how to mix and match high designers with vintage to create a new personal look. And when something becomes a trend or creates a buzz, then lots of misinterpretations come up.

Alice Catherine, the fashion blogger who wears vintage everydaySea of shoes, Jane Aldridge wears vintage clothes all the time

So, let's talk about antique, vintage, retro, second hand, thrift and consignment. Yes, vintage lovers, there are significant differences between all these ligos. The main thing though, is you definitely need to buy one of these categories than buying new,because we are all overwhelmed by the mass produced garments and the amount of clothes that we bin.

The difference between antique, vintage, retro, thrift and consignment

Antique: Clothes that are 100 or more years old. So, when you're shopping on ebay beware!!! It's extremely rare to find seriously antique pieces.

Vintage clothes: For a garment to be called vintage it needs to be 25 and up years old. The term refers more to the age of the item, the time that was manufactured or worn.

Retro: It's all about the style and not the age. This is why there are lots of companies recreating retro style collections. They try to imitate the style of vintage decades.

Second Hand/used clothes: Are the ones that are not super old, maybe last season's.

Thrift: Is more about the art of shopping second hand pieces (not necessarily vintage) in reduced prices. Thrift comes from the verb thrive and it means to grow or develop. 

Consignment: Online stores or stores that resale items of high quality, designer brand products like old Celine, Gucci of old seasons that are hardly used.

Nevertheless, buying vintage clothes, second hand or consignment does not only mean  you will be stylish with spending less but also reuse and re wear used garments and help the environment. Less waste more taste!


...to be continued...

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