How to wear vintage clothes in winter

How to wear vintage in winter

Winter is coming if it's not already here! Must admit I am not a winter kind of gal. I prefer sweltering heat and I find it so much easier to dress accordingly. No thanks, no layering master mix for me. Maybe because I'm Greek and most months in Greece it's hot and still after so many years in London cannot get used to the English weather. Anyhow enough with my gibbering! In today's post we're going to talk about how to dress in vintage for winter. Pretty easy if you ask me. 

How to wear vintage in winter

We invited a fabulous fashion influencer who's going to lend a hand tackling winter vintage fashion. Her name is Goldie (yes, it is!) and she's pretty cool and half French. So you're going to indulge to some Parisian style galore here peeps. She picked some of our wintery vintage pieces and let's see what she came up with.The goal was to find vintage winter pieces that can be easily styled separately by adding your current high or designer pieces into the mix and to create a totally effortless everyday winter look. 

Vintage 70's jacket in red now online - SoLovesVintageVintage wool tartan skirt online - SoLovesVintageCoral vintage knit top online - SoLovesVintage

Goldie's favorite vintage pieces are: The striking red Florence 60's jacket which she paired with a peachy Daenerys finely knit top and lastly she went for the Courtney wool skirt, the Scottish tartan kilt one for extra Clueless vibes. All retro pieces can build an easy-chic look for everyday winter styling. Separate them and you surely get 3 different looks. She matched her look with her own western style belt and zara white boots. Here's the total look.

How to dress in vintage for winter - Read the postHow to wear vintage clothes in winter - SoLovesVintage

I adore this vintage Frenchy look. Pretty stylish with retro vibes and the color coordination is spot on. Plus white boots are finally on trend. Well since the 60's if you ask me!!! What do you think vintage lovers? Do you like it?

PS. Goldie's insta feed is @goldiebloddychogan be continued



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