How do you care for your vintage clothing?

How to care for your vintage clothing - Read online at SoLovesVintage

You love and wear vintage clothing regularly but you have encountered washing disasters as some of the garments haven't got washing instructions. Behold as in this blog post we're going to talk about how to care for your vintage clothing. Washing instructions were introduced around 1970's but still it's not definite that a 70's retro piece would have washing instructions. If you're new to washing vintage clothes here are some of the lessons I've learned all these years!

Should I wash vintage clothing? Personally I would. When I buy vintage the first thing I do is to hang them outside for sunlight in order to take off the old smell. If its super sunny and I know for sure that it's not going to be rainy I will leave them overnight. Avoid the sun for white silk, wool as they might become yellow by direct sunlight. But it all depends on the fabric of the vintage garment. Find an experienced dry-cleaner and let them do their magic work. If it's cotton again I would go slowly and hand wash it. 

Here's my washing tips on vintage clothing:

1. Vintage velvet, crepe, taffeta, lace, satin, acetate and most wool and silk items should be taken to a dry cleaner.

2. Hand wash cotton, polyester, lycra and nylon and always turn them inside out.

3. Natural fabrics such as vintage cotton can be machine washed in warm water

but vintage denim should be washed in cold water. But still I wash them by hand.

4. Not sure? Then head to the dry cleaner.

How to care for your vintage clothing - Read on SoLovesVintageRead all about vintage clothing washing instructions - SoLovesVintage

Even if you hand wash your vintage clothes you need to be aware of these golden tips of vintage hand washing (not the washing machine program of hand wash):

1. One piece at a time - Do not mix clothes

2. Wash in lukewarm water - Meaning not too cold or hot.

3. Use wool and light detergents.

4. Do not scrub just let it soak for couple of minutes and see what happens. If everything is fine then carry on.

Of course avoid tumble dry at all costs. 

Washing instructions: How to care for vintage clothesNew vintage pink collection - SoLovesVintage

Dry garments usually flat

  1. Specially wool jumpers, cardigans
  2. Hang recently worn vintage clothes inside-out outside for a while at night 

Some garments it’s better to hang dry

  1. Use the right hanger usually wood, padded

Iron the clothes according to instructions

  1. Use a towel or a cloth on top of the item and iron inside out.

When it comes to vintage suede, fur or leather always dry cleaned. Find a dry cleaner who"s specialized in leather and fur. Not all of them know how to clean them.

  1. Keep them in a cool dry place
  2. Better to store vintage fur flat and in a dry, airy environment with acid free paper (By the way, let me remind you  that our clothes are wrapped in an acid free paper).

Lastly all our garments are already dry-cleaned so you can wear it straight away. 

Have a fabulous day and keep wearing vintage clothes and recycling. be continued...

Sofia x

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