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It can be easier said than done, that when the temperatures drop (a super dive to icy weather) to sway to our comfort zone outfits that consist of black, navy & grey coats with our favorite fluffy jumper and trusted denim vintage jeans. Classic looks are timeless but introducing new vintage pieces such as a pair of funky wool trousers or a patterned retro shirt will amp your style takes plus it will elevate your wardrobe to an eclectic level. So in today's post I'm going to show you 4 vintage winter looks and how to wear them everyday without looking old-fashioned or out of fashion (if you really care about it!). 

As I mentioned above we got carried away by the cold weather and totally forgot color combinations. But to boost your mood and make your look more interesting start clashing electric hues to energize your winter outfits. The first winter vintage outfit is this striking retro dress with floral pattern. Imagine how fabulous that would look with your navy, black or grey coat. I styled it with our new vintage boho coat with real fur collar (totally removable).

When weekend is calling,you want to go all the way athleisure with a touch of ''I just got out of bed'' vintage look. And this is exactly what this look is. Just throw into the mix your lazy vintage adidas tracksuit bottoms with a bright jumper and a retro trench coat and off to breakfast with your friends. Since details make the outfit, this granny tartan men's hat will be the cherry on top. 

4 winter vintage looks online - SoLovesVintage

Next outfit is quite a sensation to the street style gang while on fashion weeks. Ready? The pink jumpsuit, boiler suit, all in one....etc...got the picture. We have online 2 vintage jumpsuits and in same kind of hues but here I'm gonna show you how to wear the lighter pastel version in winter. The Bianca 70's jumpsuit is a dream for practical and no-fuss women out there. To emulate the stylish women of street style now (still winter, I'm afraid) just add a turtleneck underneath and layer your blazer, cardigan and coat depending on how many layers you want. The color is like blank canvas as it's super easy to complement it with many different patterns or colors.

 How to wear a vintage fur now - SoLovesVintage

Talking all things wintery who doesn't need a statement cover up? Ours is the Marla fur coat. Yes it's real fur (our opinion on vintage real fur is online) super warm and versatile to wear. Here I styled it with vintage Levi's, our 80's jumper and paired it with ankle boots. To add a touch of glamour into your evening outfit this is the vintage coat you've always been looking for!!!

Let me know what you think ladies. Which vintage outfit is your favorite for winter?


...to be continued ...

Sofia x

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