A fresh vibe here at SoLovesVintage!

Well, well, well!!! New vintage website, new layout and definitely a fresh vibe here at SoLovesVintage. A more relaxed, effortless but nonetheless still vintage vibe.


The reason I decided it was time for a change, was when I realized that my devoted vintage lovers (customers) cannot delve into the intricate details of the pieces. Plus, the use of mannequins is a bit outdated. Vintage clothes or really any type of clothing doesn’t show exquisitely or fit properly in mannequins because they are not human. They don’t have the flexibility and the curves of a human body and in our case a woman’s figure.

So now, our vintage clothing, worn by fabulous real models who are the exact size of the garment they are wearing  can be browsed online. Meaning that if a vintage dress is size medium our gorgeous model will be also size medium. Most of the garments are most of the times pinned in the back. Though, I cannot guarantee that this is going to be a norm here at SoLovesVintage, as it is quite hard to impossible to find models that are size medium or even larger, but I’m not giving up yet.  I am really struggling to find models with a big bust as most 40’s vintage dresses will definitely look exceptionally in a busty girl, but till now, I’ve not accomplished it.


Another feature that enhances the site and makes the way you shop easier is the shop by buttons. Now you can shop at SoLovesVintage according to your size, the color you prefer, the era that you adore and lastly the icon that you aspire. Furthermore, if you are a boho girl or you have an eclectic style and you don’t want to go through all our vintage pieces, we have another shop by button to select and shop according to your favorite vintage trend.



Still not sure? You don’t know if your vintage 50’s dress will fit you? Let me tell you that, as I’ve worked in many different fashion retailers in the UK, until now (fingers crossed), I haven’t had any returns because of the wrong size. On condition you have peace of mind, you can now select the piece you like and immediately check on the same page all the sizes in several different countries. Not absolutely sure yet? Then give me a call. Yes, you heard right! And the call is FREE!!! I can be in Australia shopping for retro clothes and you can call me for free! I hope you’ll like my accent!

Of course there are many other things that can be done...and this is why I need your feedback. What do you want to see or read or take photos about?

Tell me and I'll try to add it on!


Sofia xx


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